14 January 2008

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It was almost 4 years since I had had a BUPA health check up. As I was rising 74 I decided it was time I had another one. I wasn’t too concerned as I was in pretty good shape I had been going to the gymnasium for the past two years, three times a week, for one and a half hour sessions and as a result (or, at least so I thought) had got myself down to a trim 10 ½ stone.

My consultation was with a young female doctor – who was very charming but who is not as thorough as I would have liked. The problem was, that although I booked the consultation some two or three weeks earlier none, of the necessary appointment papers had arrived (this despite three separate telephone calls requesting the papers) and when it came to the consultation the doctor had to spend some considerable time completing the questionnaire which I had been unable to finish myself between the various tests. As a result, she did not carry out a muscular and skeletal examination. Had she done so she would have noticed severe muscle atrophy as well the fasciculations (under surface muscle twitching) which should have alerted any knowledgeable doctor to the possibility of a neurological problem.. However, her conclusion, from this particular health check-up was that I was in pretty good shape. A BMI and body fat, both of 21, an excellent waist to height ratio, good blood pressure and a better than ideal chance of not having a heart attack for someone of my age.

During the consultation I mentioned two particular concerns. One was a burning pain in my groin, on the site of the scar tissue from my artificial urinary sphincter operation. I told the doctor that the burning pain usually arose after I had been exercising (playing golf, for example) for a couple of hours. This she put down to a hernia and referred me to a general surgeon.


  • jessica says:

    I am a Chinese girl. I read your story from the newspaper of my city. I hope you can live better in your life and still enjoy everyday! We all care about you!

  • babi says:

    I hope you can enjoy the colorful life which is not be desided by the longth only,i think.And Iwant to share the happiness and the sadness in our life with you .My em is jieqian@163.com,welcome to keep touch with me :)I am a Chinses gilr also:)

  • babi says:

    Hi:)Prof Mark
    How about you now? I hope you are healthier than before . I am a Chinese girl who are in trouble ,and I fell courage when I se your words!Thank you !

    • DMC says:

      Sadly , Babi,I can never get healthier. MND is a terminal illness. It is just a matter of how long. However in the meantime I intend to enjoy every single day and I am delighted to hear that you can draw courage from my blog. Go on doing it and share it with as many friends as you can

      My best wishes to you for the year of the Tiger.

      Prof Mark

  • babi says:

    are you fell good? Shall I see your answer?It’s a long time to see you:)how about you?

  • DMC says:

    Dear Babi
    i did answer your previous message the day I received it and cannot understand why it does not appear here. I’m very grateful to you for your concern and your kind remarks and I’m sorry that you feel that you are troubled but I am pleased that you believe that you can draw strength on my blog.
    As far as feeling good is concerned I go them day-to-day towards a slow but inevitable decline but try to keep cheerful with it.

    Best wishes for the year of the Tiger

    Prof Mark

  • babi says:

    dear Pro Mark
    I very gald to hear from you ! I will face the trouble by your encourage! I am puzzled that why you have this deadful disease (I think you are health through your photo and have a good lifestye though your words)?

  • DMC says:

    Dear Babi
    There is an old English saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’
    now, please no more comments on this particular issue,

    Dear Babi
    There is an old English saying ‘ Don’t judge a book by its cover’

    Now, please no more comments on this particular issue.

    Best wishes

    Professor Mark

  • babi says:

    how I keep touch with you ?will you give me your em?or msn?
    thank you !

  • DMC says:

    Please keep in touch with me through this blog

  • Lesley says:

    You’re so great and brave.
    I want to be your friend!

  • Catriona Doyle says:

    Dear Professor Mark,

    Firstly I’m sorry for contacting you in such an unorthodox manner.

    I work for a television production company where we are producing a series of short programmes for Channel 4. I’d be very keen to speak to you about the series. If you are interested in hearing about it, perhaps you could drop me an email.

    Many thanks,


  • DMC says:

    Dear Lesley
    I do hope you got my earlier reply. Thank you for your kind comments. Of course you can be my friend.
    Best wishes


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